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14,000 Years BFE

Campus in the Sea of Time

Campus in the Sea of Time
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On July 12, 2004 at 8:53AM, all University of Michigan property was transported 14,000 years into the past and anything (and everything and everyone) on it was as well.

If you want to play the game, join the community! An email will be sent to myself (fairmer) or splash_the_cat, who will let you in if you look like you'll wipe your feet when you come in out of the mud. The first thing you should do is write an 8:53AM entry (what you were doing when the event happened); if you want to introduce yourself, please do, but I suspect we're largely going to be hanging out with people we know. If you have a question, just post to the group. I suggest you make it clear in the subject of your entry that you're posting a group question, though...
academia, alternate history, ann arbor, arboreal forests, bering land bridge, glacial corridors, glaciers, heinrich events, hiking, holocene, hunting, interglacials, jerboas, lithics, mastodons, megafauna, michigan, moral dilemmas, prehistory, rental property ownership issues, stone age, survival, taiga, time travel, time travel events, worst case scenarios