botanicaladric (botanicaladric) wrote in 14000_bfe,

Trees.  I like trees, but…there was a building here.  I’ll just blink and the building will be back.

The front of the building was gone, replaced by a big, stinky forest.  Okay, take this one thing at a time.  Just because I can’t see anything but big-ass trees doesn’t mean…  Joe stepped through the security door and onto the soft loam of the forest floor.  The air was warmer and more humid out here than the office.  The sounds of unseen insects and unfamiliar birds gave background for the bizarre scene.  Looking back at the building, Joe saw the studs and the backside of the drywall used to construct M-Care’s rented office space.  He also noticed that the cardreader was dead, and that the security door was swinging shut.
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