botanicaladric (botanicaladric) wrote in 14000_bfe,

Joe sat slightly hunched, staring at his computer screen.  Even with his music turned up, the building felt deathly quiet, abandoned.


“Hey, Joe, you got a second?”

Somewhere, hidden from sane mortals’ eyes, there must be a Management Bible.  And in that bible, the phrase, “Hey, you got a second?” had to be written up as one of the seven deadly punishments.  Maybe it had it’s own circle in Hell.


“Yeah, look:  I don’t think the phones should be unmanned during the company picnic, so could you stay here?  I’d be more than happy to bring some food back to you afterward…”

Oooh, the incentive of crispy barbeque dregs and sun-warmed potato salad.  With almost no one in the M-Care buildings, the only phone calls that could possibly come in were from vendors and providers, leaving Joe with the mind-taxing task of looking up all “Fraggle Rock”-related information from the Web.


Suddenly, a sustained *WHOOM* shook the building.  Either the Techs just tried adding liquid oxygen to the barbeque grill, or the gas station on the corner just exploded!  The lights flickered briefly, but the muffled whir of generator guaranteed that they would stay on.  A little Windows popup let Joe know that his Internet connection was gone.  Okay, this does not look good.  Reaching for his cell phone, he noticed that he didn’t have any signal strength—nothing new, really.  Heaving a sigh, Joe trudged toward the front of the building to find signal.  The fact that the light coming though the skylights over his head was darker and greener than usual did not register to him at all.
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