mykkel (mykkel) wrote in 14000_bfe,

Monday 8:53 AM

I hate early morning gigs. Especially U of M early morning gigs. U of M means no tip, ever. And this one was turning out no different. I'd been up since 6:30, and thanks to the owners wanting to sleep in, had loaded all of the gigs food into the van.

I'd just parked, next to the Museum of Art south stairwell, when the ground rolled. Literally. The cement came up and then down.

As I looked through the rear view mirror, I noticed trees. Really big trees. I mean impossibly big trees, and they were where South State used to be. I could only see the top of the tower to the Union.

I slid out of the van, quickly running my fingers across my temple, but I felt no bumps. Then I noticed the distinctive buzzing of a radio that has no signal.

What in the hells happened?

I stopped and carefully looked around, I saw a couple of students, that were slowly getting up off the ground, clearly just as confused by the new giant trees instead of road situation. I clearly wasn't imagining things, as if I were to imagine U of M coeds in a parallel universe, odds are they wouldn't be men. That or I wouldn't be having cereal for breakfast ever again.

I closed and locked the van, and headed towards the Musuem of Art. If nothing else, it was shelter. I needed to figure out what was what.
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